Olive Oil

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‘OIL MAKERS BLEND’ Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The ‘Oil Maker’s Blend’ is our traditional blend first released in 2002 and is the blend Lot Eight has built its reputation on. It is made with our oil maker’s selection of Italian, French, Israeli and Spanish olive varieties and exhibits a fine balance of fruitiness and herbaceousness. At Lot Eight we aim to retain the characteristics of the seasons olives and present a blend that nature has presented. It is suited to a range of palates and may be used as a dipping oil or as a finishing touch to a cold or a warm dish.

Proudly served at many fine NZ establishments. At Boulcott Street Bistro (Wellington), Chef Rex Morgan has given this oil a very special and specific title and to preserve its magic, we cannot repeat those words!.

‘RESERVE’ Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Winner GOLD in the 2016 New York International Olive Oil judging
The Lot Eight ‘Reserve’ aims to show our single variety Greek cultivar, Koroneiki, a  personal favourite of our oil maker. Each year we introduce a selection of Italian varieties of olives to ensure that the resulting oil exhibits refined notes of herbs and tropical fruits. This robust blend started with several awards including best in class and remains true to its origin.  It is perfect as a dipping oil or to provide a perfect finishing touch to a warm dish.

Served directly at the table at ‘Eight’, The Langham Auckland. Olive oil sorbet made by Gelissimo for Scopa in Wellington.

YUZU Olive Oil

This highly fragrant, Cold Pressed Yuzu olive oil is made with LOT EIGHT olives and the much prized, Yuzu citrus. The Yuzu is grown in New Zealand by the only commercial yuzu grower, YuzuCo. Yuzu is regarded as a tree of eternal youth and longevity given that it takes almost two decades to fruit and continues to bear fruit for more than 300 years. It is revered for its highly fragrant skin, which is used in a wide variety of Japanese cooking from Japanese custards to raw fish to a dipping sauce called Ponzu.

CITRUS Olive Oil 

A first in New Zealand, a blend created by our oil maker 5 years ago for chefs looking for real fruit flavours to finish seafood dishes with. This golden blend bursting with real citrus notes is created by milling fresh New Zealand citrus with this season’s Barnea olives. Often described as ‘lemon meringue pie’ this oil is superb in sweet or savory baking but also perfect as a finishing oil in salads and warm vegetable. Its use has no limitations.

Made famous by Chef Shaun Clouston, (Logan Brown) who made the first citrus olive oil ice-cream seen on a NZ menu. Made famous in New York by Chef Matt Lambert (Musket Room) with his divine flavour combination of  ‘creme fraiche ice cream, caviar and Lot Eight Citrus oil’.


(Vanilla Pods and saffron pressed with fresh NZ olives)
This sweet smelling blend is created with all things sweet in mind. Chefs use them in sweet as well as savory dishes and at Lot Eight, we use it in dishes like paella, rice pudding, cakes and crème caramel. It is also a superb oil to drizzle over salmon. Using fresh olives and only the finest ingredients like NZ’s own Heilala vanilla pods, our own saffron, cinnamon and edible rose buds, the ‘Aromatic Oil’ deserves its place as a premium condiment and a perfect treat.


(Hot spices pressed with fresh NZ Olives)
For those that like their food hot and spicy, our ‘Harissa Olive Oil’ is made by pressing olives with chilies, smoked paprika, and aromatic North African spices. Traditionally created to accompany meats, fish stews, drizzled over couscous, pasta and vegetable dishes, at Lot Eight we use it with anything that needs spicing up. A regular consumer blends the Harissa oil with Tomato sauce to spice up their fish and chips dinner!


Herbes de Provence, or herbs of Provence is a blend of fennel, thyme, bay leaves, oregano and rosemary. These herbs, traditionally grown in the South of France are widely used in Mediterranean cuisine. Use this exceptional cold pressed oil make with fresh New Zealand herbs to coat meat before searing, roasting or grilling, or add a few drops to soups and casseroles to enhance flavours.


The Flavours of the East has resulted from our oil maker’s love for crispy Asian salads. This cold pressed oil combined with fresh lime juice, brown sugar, fish sauce, salt, salt and pepper would make an ideal dressing for Asian salads or mixed with white wine vinegar and drizzled over sashimi and oysters. Simply garnish a salad with mint and coriander leaves for a perfect taste sensation.

MASALA Olive Oil (Curry Olive Oil)

Currently available only to the foodservice industry, the Masala Olive Oil is a blend of Indian spices that our oil maker blends for her own curries. This rich, fragrant oil can be drizzled over meat and seafood dishes to add a pungent curry taste. Alternatively, it can used in recipes asking for a curry oil or to make dishes like spicy potato curry or spicy omelettes. Contact us direct with your order.

Other Products

 Citrus Marinated Olives

The secret to this popular marinated olives is in Nalini’s secret recipe for preserved lemons which was fine tuned over months specifically for marinating olives. That is why these olives taste so good. The recipe, while showcasing our preserving skills, also contains brined Manzanillo olives cured to Nalini’s specific requirements, LOT EIGHT Citrus Olive oil, garlic, herbs and spices.

Spicy Marinated Olives

Our Spicy Marinated Olives are made using pickling spices that are batch roasted and ground on the premises by us. As with the Citrus Olives, the recipe here showcases our spice making skills and the key taste notes come from using fresh spices. Chillies, fresh garlic and LOT EIGHT extra virgin olive oils provide the additional and important taste notes.


Our oils are popular, and we often sell out of our yearly production. Keep an eye on the purchase page for opportunities to buy. A list of our stockists is available from our Stockists page.

Using our 250 and 500ml bottles

Lot Eight is the exclusive user of 250 and 500 ml Miron bottles and enclosures for extra virgin  and cold pressed fragrant olive oils.  We chose these after an extensive search for a bottle and enclosure system that reliably sealed the bottle on filling and ensured no oxygen or light could affect the oil.  Also a priority was a pourer subsystem that did not drip or dribble when used.  When you open the bottle for the first time, if it does not pour immediately replace the cap and upend the bottle one or two times to “charge” the pourer.  Oil should then pour cleanly. If you are looking for a free pouring system, our 375 ml bottles do not have a built in pourer, delivering a more rapid and generous portion of oil each time.