Lot Eight Yuzu Olive Oil is in the prestigious, producer awards finalist list…

Lot Eight cold pressed Yuzu Olive Oil assessed as a finalist in the 2017 Outstanding New Zealand Food Producer Awards. We are delighted with this news, especially, as the list includes many producers we greatly admire.


Nalini Baruch named ‘Pacific Woman in Business 2016’

Nalini Baruch, a pioneer in the New Zealand olive oil industry and co-owner of Lot Eight, arguably the leading producer of olive oil in the Greater Wellington Region, was awarded the 2016 Pacific Woman in Business Award at the National Pacific Business Trust Awards dinner in Auckland.

Nalini arrived in New Zealand in the 1980s from Fiji.  A graduate in Political Science and Law from Victoria University of Wellington, she entered the corporate world with the New Zealand Dairy Board, managing processed cheese production and working closely with the South East Asia and Middle East markets.  Following a period with Telecom New Zealand, Nalini practised as a barrister in Wellington before establishing Lot Eight in 2002.

Building on her knowledge of food production, experience in sales and marketing, and a rich heritage of a wide palate of foods, Nalini has steered the growth of Lot Eight to position the company as a leader in the New Zealand olive oil industry, and an artisan food producer brand and niche supplier to the food service sector.  The client base now extends throughout New Zealand and internationally.  Over the past five years Nalini has steadily developed an exclusive international brand that includes Michelin-star restaurants.

This award recognises Nalini’s vision and unwavering adherence to her own values of quality, customer and supplier commitment, integrity and professionalism.  That commitment extends to positioning Lot Eight as a valued, New Zealand owned and operated business, recognised as truly representative of what New Zealand offers on the world stage.  It goes beyond Lot Eight to include membership of ConversationNZ, joining with others in the food industry to explore what really is New Zealand cuisine – a marriage of diverse ethnic cuisines.

Nalini attributes the strong sustained growth of Lot Eight to her planned, close and genuine working relationships with the food service industry, and speciality retailers.  Continual reinvestment has established an enviable reputation for Lot Eight as a reliable brand, which stands out in the market with a fiercely loyal customer base.

Drawing on her heritage of a fusion of food experiences that began in the Pacific, Nalini has developed a varied palate of clean unique flavours, that now embrace other ethnic and regional cuisines.  Growing up in the Pacific gave Nalini the legacy of fresh clean produce, exciting ripe flavours and unique blends of basic ingredients.

The Pacific Business Trust Award also recognises Nalini’s intuitive and innovative approach in an unchartered and challenging market.  From only two extra virgin olive oils in 2002, her product range today includes unique cold pressed aromatic oils, bespoke customer blends and marinated olives.

From Wellington-centric beginnings, Lot Eight’s market share has grown significantly year on year.  The business has received awards both locally and internationally for its olive oil.  Food using Lot Eight’s products as ingredients, have also been recognised on the local and international stage.

This prestigious award now recognises Nalini’s commitment, passion, willingness to push boundaries, and her heritage of a childhood in the Pacific, which are at the core of Lot Eight and Nalini Baruch.

Nalini’s vision and commitment to Lot Eight is quality and originality, and developing the food products customers seek using only fresh produce, quality ingredients and unique combinations.

Lot Eight was also a finalist in the Innovation and Business Enterprise categories of this year’s National Pacific Business Trust Awards.

Food Design Conference 2016

These mouthwatering images just in from chef Hannes Bareiter and Glenfalloch Restaurant of Dunedin. It was such an honour to be advised by chef Hannes that he would feature Lot Eight as a part of his creations for the Food Design Conference in Dunedin last month. Included are, ‘Silver Fern Reserve Fillet with sorghum, oyster mushrooms, garden carrots, snap peas and Lot Eight Harissa oil’ and ‘Vodka & Green Tea cured ORA King salmon with fennel, nasturtium, radicchio, preserved lemons and Lot Eight Yuzu oil’. Heavenly. Salmon&YuzuBeef.a.LOt

Harvest 2016

Is currently underway and is set to break our 15 year record for quantity, quality and taste. Thanks to a long Indian summer and bumper fruiting, we have the most ideal year for achieving the exact flavour profiles our oil maker, Nalini, loves to see in her oils. All going well, harvest will conclude mid-July and we are hoping to have the new releases in store by late August, but please keep an eye on this page for exact dates. Some lucky Visa Wellington on a Plate diners will have the opportunity to taste the new oils before they are bottled. In the meantime, enjoy this medley of this seasons harvest pics.


When Lot Eight Yuzu olive oil met Gelissimo Gelato

We have all heard about ‘When Harry met Sally’ but now you get to hear about ‘When Lot Eight Yuzu olive oil met Gelissimo ingenuity’. The result was GOLD and Best In Class at the 2016 New Zealand Ice Cream Awards. A clever business and an artisan producer making award winning gelato with the help of premium ingredients. We are thrilled to be part of Graham Joe’s journey. Well done Graham and well done Gelissimo. Read all about it here.

Garlic! A lovely recipe from Lauraine Jacobs in the NZ Listener

Garlic! The word either has people drooling or running for cover. Im in the drooling category. Its no secret that I love garlic. Minced, crushed, pickled or roasted, Im in the line as soon as I see garlic on the menu. So you can understand the excitement of seeing Lauraine Jacob’s recipe in the NZ Listener magazine (21 May 2016) with the title ‘How to Roast Garlic’. Not only is the garlic roasted in olive oil, its roasted in Lot Eight Aromatic olive oil. Imagine walking into a kitchen filled with the aroma of garlic roasting in cold pressed olive oil packed with the goodness of Tahitian vanilla. Im off to roast. Thank you for the honour New Zealand Listener.

2nd GOLD Win for Lot Eight at the New York International Olive Oil Competition 2016

For the second year in a row, Lot Eight has been awarded Gold at the prestigious New York International Olive Oil Competition.

The 2016 competition attracted over 827 extra virgin olive oils from around the world and is recognized as the largest such competition in the world. Entries include larger volume brands alongside artisan producers like Lot Eight.

This Gold medal awarded to the Lot Eight Reserve label continues a history of awards for Lot Eight that began at a local level in 2004 with the same varietal blend of koroneiki olives. We chose to enter the NYIOOC awards in 2015 in support of our growing US market and won Gold. This year has reinforced that recognition of quality and excellence, particularly as the oils in both years were blended 10 months before the competition. Most entries are only a few months old.

We put the ongoing success down to a commitment to reliability, hands-on involvement in every step of the process and working closely with the end users of our products. Now with 13 years of experience as growers, producers and marketers, we are guided by the quality of the materials rather than innovation but embracing new processes that do add value without removing the integrity of the product. Lot Eight oils are all cold pressed and this includes our “flavoured” oils. No essence, essential oils or artificial flavours are used to make our range of flavoured oils meaning the wholesome product is produced at the time of pressing.

Why the NEW YORK International Olive Oil Award matters to us:

This competition attracts entries from around the world, including entries from large, medium and artisan producers. 827 oils were entered in 2016 – only 314 received medals. 62% of the entries were rejected. Lot Eight received a Gold in 2015. This year we entered the ‘Reserve Blend’ – it received a Gold. The ‘Reserve Blend’ showcases a Greek cultivar that is suited to NZ conditions. New Zealand was lined up against 823 fresh oils. New Zealand had a success rate of 50% – Lot Eight has had a 100% success rate.  Northern Hemisphere oils including oils from Australia were pressed a few months ago – Lot Eight oil was produced 10 months ago. If our customers ever needed proof of our commitment to our business and customers, this has got to be it. This is a great NZ story. Our customers and every person that stands behind our brand is part of this story.


Notable Mentions

Late last year was an amazing moment for our newly released cold pressed Yuzu Olive Oil. It received mention from magazines like Mindfood, Cuisine and the New Zealand Listener and we are very grateful for their interest. Dishes were created and shared by chef Makoto of Cocoro in Auckland and chef Cloustan of Logan Brown in Wellington. Christmas gift packs orders were heavily in favour of the Yuzu olive oil. It has certainly been a grand arrival into the world for this scrumptious olive oil. We started the journey of releasing unique, cold pressed fragrant oils with the release of Citrus Olive Oil 8 years ago, Harissa and Aromatic Olive Oils 3 years ago and the Yuzu last year. These oils are used by chefs as well as cooks at home, in NZ and overseas. The aim has always been to launch unique, great tasting blends and we are thrilled that we have achieved that. Now, the question is whether something new is coming this season? Yes, something equally as unique and equally as special as all of our current products.

We have your Christmas covered

We are delighted with these gift boxes. In fact, we are more than delighted, because we weren’t quite sure how celebratory the will look. Feel free to contact us with your holiday season requirements and we will pack your gifts to suit.

GiftBox mockup (cmyk) 3

Lot Eight produces the world’s first cold pressed YUZU olive oil

An alliance between three small New Zealand businesses has produced New Zealand’s – and possibly the world’s – first cold pressed olive oil that incorporates the Japanese fruit yuzu.

Yuzu is a highly prized premium citrus fruit and is scarce in New Zealand. Our oil maker offered to experiment with yuzu and olive oil for renowned Auckland chef Makoto Tokuyama. This was a first but Nalini’s experience in developing unique cold pressed fragrant oils using fresh ingredients in the press gave her confidence this could yield a delicious oil that delivered the real taste of yuzu.

A search for quality local yuzu fruit led us to YuzuNZ, a Horowhenua-based citrus orchard owned by Neville and Junko Chun who are the only commercial growers of the fruit in New Zealand.

After much work, enter The Olive Press in Greytown who helped press the olives and the fruit. The result was a product that, says Nalini, ‘exceeded my own expectations’ and I know that it will appeal to chefs here and in Japan, a market that is firmly in her sight as the destination for this oil.

Once the unfiltered oil settled, the oil was bottled by Wine Services Limited in Martinborough where all of Lot Eight’s oils and much of Martinborough’s wine is bottled.

Available from the following stockists: Moore Wilson and Ontrays in Wellington. Farro Foods in Auckland. Ballantynes in Christchurch or online from us. Purchase now.


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