Events at LOT EIGHT®

Saffron Harvest

Many years ago, we were given a handful of saffron corms as a gift. Looking back, we are pleased that we took it seriously enough to plant them in an area that has gone on to become one of two growing spots at the grove. This project started a little like our olive grove project did i.e. we knew little about the plant but we were truly curious to see if it would grow. We did appreciate the fact that what we were about to undertake would require a lot of hands on learning. We went on to plant more corms and they have all multiplied to give us something to be proud of. We love our saffron. Nalini has many dishes that call for saffron, dishes like Risotto, rice pudding, recipes that ask for a rouille, casseroles and paella.  This season was a good one and we are thrilled that we now have enough saffron for at least 2 Risotto alla Milanese a week and some rice puddings as well.  Here is a this season’s gjft.


Visa Wellington on a Plate

We are hopeful of our ‘Visa Wellington on a Plate’ event being accepted by the organisers for us to bring a unique experience to the festival this year. Until the official launch next month, our lips are sealed. We can’t say anything about what we have planned. We suggest that you visit the Festival website for updates. You can also visit KNOW WELLINGTON  on a regular basis for the latest on news on food in Wellington during the festival.